Partnership with The Mindful Tourist

We are beyond excited to announce a collaboration with The Mindful Tourist. This past July, board members Phillip Berenz and Stephen Trovato started TMT’s 15-week shinrin-yoku guide certification training.

Shinrin-yoku is a method of taking in the forest through our senses which Shinrin Yoku (森林浴) or forest bathing has become a vital part of preventative healthcare in Japan. The results of Japanese studies have shown forest bathing improves sleep quality, mood and ability to focus, strengthens the immune system and reduces stress levels. Chronic stress and inactivity can contribute to the development of many diseases. Spending time in nature, away from modern technology and the hustle and bustle of big cities can improve your physical, mental and even spiritual health by reducing the effects of stress on your body and fostering nature connectedness. Prescribed forest bathing in Japan has led to a healthier lifestyle for people of all ages.

“Through this collaboration, with the help of The Mindful Tourist, it is Expedition Empower’s and my personal goal to create an adaptive version of Shinrin Yoku that can be tailored to any disability. In my opinion, the ability to connect with nature lives in all of us and I hope to make that ability easily accessible to all,” says Expedition Empower’s founder Phillip Berenz.

Phil and Steve are nine weeks into the course and absolutely loving it. TMT co-founders Pin Chinnapat and Milena A. Guziak have crafted a truly immersive and thorough exploration of shinrin-yoku and nature connectedness. Expedition Empower looks forward to continuing it’s collaboration with The Mindful Tourist. The future looks green and accessible!

To learn more about our collaboration, check out TMT’s post here:

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